Special Offers

Wyndham Rewards

When you stay at AmericInn, you can earn Wyndham Rewards points toward free nights. Join now and with just 15,000 points, you’ve earned a free night at one of our 8,000 Wyndham Rewards hotels worldwide. Already an AmericInn Easy Rewards member? We’re converting your points to Wyndham Rewards points. 

Former AmericInn Easy Rewards Member?
Now that AmericInn is part of Wyndham Worldwide Hotel Group, AmericInn's Easy Rewards memberships have been transitioned to Wyndham Rewards. If you would like to redeem your Easy Rewards points for vouchers or checks, please call 1-877-886-8664 by March 15, 2018 as online redemption is no longer available.


Liv Hotel Rewards Program

AmericInn Lodge & Suites, a Wyndham Worldwide midscale hotel, in Rapid City is proudly managed by Liv Hospitality. As such, overnight guests qualify for exclusive benefits with the Liv Rewards Guest Incentive program. You’ll receive a rewards card upon check-in that can be used at all participating Liv Hospitality properties for perks and benefits including: